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2022: small, positive steps to making big life changes

Happy 2022!

I haven’t written a post in a while! I have had a pretty busy few months with playgroup, Christmas, Teddy’s birthday (can’t believe he is 1 already!) and returning to work, but I would like to start writing these posts regularly this year.

I don’t really like setting new year’s resolutions. Personally, I find them quite forced and as everyone knows, people rarely stick to them!

I have just returned back to work from maternity leave, and so I’ve decided instead of a specific new year’s resolution, I am using this milestone as an opportunity to reset.

I am trying to establish my new routine, and I am focusing on things I want to do more of, rather than what I will stop doing. I will be making small, positive steps to lead to the bigger life changes.

So some examples:

- Increase my step count to reach 10,000 steps per day by end Jan. I received a Fitbit for Christmas so I am using this to track my steps, sleep patterns (or lack of currently!). My longer-term goal is to become healthier and more active and toned.

- Eat a portion of fruit with my lunch and for 1 snack per day. I would like to stop eating as many sweets and crisps etc. as snacks, but I know if I say I am cutting them out then I will want to eat them more. So I am hoping that if I shift my mindset to increase the good things, the less healthy things will reduce…we shall see!

- Continue running playgroup and meeting my friend for lunch with our little ones

- Weekly date night and family day at the weekend

- Read more books relating to positive mental health, child development etc.

There will be more I’m sure, so I will just keep adding to my list as a reminder of my focus and priorities. I know this will be key for me as I get very busy and engrossed in my work and this can shift my focus away from my ‘life priorities’.

I am looking forward to 2022, developing this new routine and growing with my little family 😊



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