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Back to school: Wine and celebration or empty nest feelings?

Now we are at the end of 6 weeks off school/nursery - how have you all found it?

With the number of lockdowns over the past 18 months it didn’t really feel too unusual to me! I definitely have mixed feelings about them going back to school/nursery though. I have loved having them home and have been lucky to be able to do so many fun things with them. We have done a few days out, been down to the seaside a lot, done a lot of work in our garden, played games, been swimming, seen friends and family and generally hung out as a family. It has been so nice for places to be open again and to get out and about.

However, it has also been exhausting. My girls are quite young and ask A LOT of questions. I love their thirst for knowledge, but it can be tiring. Add in a baby and I’m ready for a weeks’ worth of sleep! I know it isn’t easy for many people for many different reasons, so I hope you are all ok and are proud to have made it through!

I can’t believe Millie starts Year 2 today! She loves school and is staying with the same group of friends as the past 2 years, but she is still slightly apprehensive of the changes and starting a new year.

Millie has not had a full year at school yet due to COVID. It has been so sad to see how much she has missed school and her friends during the lockdowns and I am really hoping this is the end of all the disruptions for her. Ayla has gone to nursery over the summer as she has missed so much during COVID so we didn’t want her to miss out for another 6 weeks.

What have you done to help your children prepare for the new school year?

Are they feeling apprehensive or excited?

Comment below and let me know 😊

And of course: Wine and celebration or empty nest feelings?



Supporting each other

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