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Our Garden

I have wanted to get into gardening but didn’t really know where to start/how to learn more about it.

The previous owners of our house were an older couple who clearly at one time had loved gardening. However, by the time we moved in, it was incredibly overgrown, with huge rose bushes everywhere and barely any flat, grassy areas – not ideal for young children.

The garden is still a work in progress, but we have made huge changes. It has taken years to get to where we are now, but it is much more appropriate for our family to use and enjoy. We have done so much including removing all the large bushes, growing grass from seed, concreting over the uneven patio to make it flat and creating 2 bordered areas. One is around a lovely apple tree and the other is reserved for growing vegetables.

I have bought a little greenhouse to grow our tomato plants in and will be researching how to look after those properly! I am really keen to involve the kids with the gardening and especially with growing vegetables. We did start to try this last year but didn’t really research it properly so will be looking into it more this year - any hints or tips would be very welcome!

I have enjoyed going to the garden centre with the family and choosing flowers for the flower bed. We are enjoying seeing the flowers bloom and love that the bees are enjoying them too! M is also enjoying finding all the snails and removing them! Hacks or tips for keeping weeds at bay would be great!

Next project is to create a seating area at the back as this is the sunniest spot in the garden. Looking forward to getting that done and being able to eat dinner with the kids in the garden in the evening sunshine (when it arrives!)



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