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I have felt this feeling building at times and yesterday I felt it peak and knew I needed to do something about it.

I made sure I still did my exercise class, attended my baby group to chat to other mums with young babies and also met up with the school mums after school at the park to ensure M could play with her friends, I got fresh air, and spoke to other adults. This all really helped, as well as taking time to plan my next few weeks.

I have been following a variety of people on Instagram to try and help with this building feeling and have implemented some of their techniques, but I knew I needed to do more.

We know our house is too small for us now as our family has grown substantially since moving here. However, we are not in a position to move yet, so I need to adapt our home to work for us.

We have added more storage to put away the toys; however, following birthdays etc. they are creeping back into our living space permanently.

I have created myself a list to focus my efforts without losing time with my family:

- Sell baby furniture we no longer need i.e. the moses basket, feeding chair etc.

- Print sheets from ‘The Organised Mum’ blog.

- Follow ‘The Folding Lady’ principles to organise clothes for each person, remove clothes that do not fit anymore and identify any new clothes that need to be bought.

- Plan summer holiday activities to ensure we make the most of our family time over the holidays.

- Plan for weaning T – I am really excited to get started with this so have ordered the weaning pack from ‘Ella’s Kitchen’ and I am following various people on Instagram to get ideas for meals.

I feel more in control now, and like I actually have a plan to achieve the things I want to.

Now to actually tick them off the list!



Supporting each other

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