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Updated: Aug 18, 2021

T is 7 months old and we have been on our weaning journey for a month now.

This is the 3rd time I've done weaning but I felt more unprepared and unsure than ever! M has loved food since Day 1, will try pretty much anything and usually likes it. A was much more reluctant to try anything and just generally less interested in food. We are making huge progress but it's a slow journey. We've been thinking a lot recently about whether we did anything different on the two journeys and think maybe we went too quickly with A. So, we are conscious of that with T and will be taking it slower to build up the tastes and textures. We are also going to involve M and A a lot with Ts food journey.

T was so keen to eat food from about 4.5/5 months. We always sat him near or at the table at mealtimes and he liked to watch us all eating. By 6 months he was 100% ready and meeting all developmental milestones for weaning.

Just before T turned 6 months I started following weaning Instagram accounts and bought the "What Mummy Makes" planner. I also signed up to Ellas Kitchen and have been sent some vouchers and a chart to get started. This helped me to feel more prepared and remember key things i.e. start with single vegetables etc.

We are mainly following baby-led weaning as personally I feel this is a great way to get babies to explore foods using other senses (i.e. touch). The food gets mushed a lot and dropped on the floor/in his highchair but some is definitley going in which is great!

The real hits so far seem to be:

- carrots

- broccoli

- tomatoes

- avocado

- toast

Biggest fails:

- baby porridge

- Weetabix

- mushy peas

He clearly isn't a breakfast cereal kind of boy right now...but we will try again in a while.

Mostly we have just given pieces of veg but today I made broccoli quiches from the "What Mummy Makes" planner and they went down very well!

I'm excited to continue this journey with T and

getting the girls involved in making food for him too ☺



Supporting each other

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